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Heady Pipes

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  • Mantis Glass Hand Pipe


  • Elephant glass Pipe

    Elephant glass Pipe

    Small adorable Elephant Glass Handpipes  novelty glass pipe animal glass handpipe handpipe great gift for the animal lover stoner

  • Silicone Hand Pipe Marijuana Plant

    Silicone Hand Pipe Marijuana Plant

    15 in stock

    Marijuana plant shaped silicone hand pipe 

    15 in stock


  • Last stock! Standing fish hand pipe

    Standing fish hand pipe

    5 in stock

    Standing fish handpipe 6” x 3.5” inches

    5 in stock


  • Frog Hand pipe

    Frog Hand pipe

    10 in stock

    Cute Frog handpipe 5 x 4 inches  Great smoker’s gift! 

    10 in stock


  • Sale -22% 2 in 1 Chillum & Dab Straw On sale

    HOTBOXSUPPLIES® 2 in 1 Chillum & Dab Straw

    2 in 1 Chillum and Dab Straw 100% Quartz  Platinum Cured Silicone Cover  Heat Retention: 1500° Nectar one side and Chillum on the other, can be used either or both ways  End cap can be used as a mouth cover so there will be no residue mess Assorted colors.


  • Ice Cream Cone Silicone Pipe On sale

    HOTBOXSUPPLIES® Ice Cream Cone Silicone Pipe

    12 in stock

    4.50" Long 1.75" Diameter Head .625" Diameter Bowl Removable Glass Bowl Made From Unbreakable Silicone Textured Ice Cream Cone Design Colorful Sprinkles

    12 in stock


  • Turtle Spoon Pipe On sale

    HOTBOXSUPPLIES® Turtle Spoon Pipe

    20 in stock

    This 4" Turtle Spoon weed pipe is made from high-quality glass and is a fan favorite! The Source of All offers many themed items, and the Turtle Spoon Pipe adds to the collection. This glass pipe is 4" in length and features a deep bowl and circular mouthpiece. Source of All Spoon Pipe 4" Turtle Themed Spoon Pipe High-Quality Glass Deep Bowl

    20 in stock



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