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    Magblunt is the best straight shooter pipe to date, this awesome glass blunt's features include: 14mm Compatible Magnetic Asherband Constant Fresh Hits Precision Session All Glass Heat Activated Magnetic Screen Filter Compatible Cold Lock Lighter Keeper Micro Hits Puckerless Mouthpiece Auto Perfect Pack Passive Extinguish Live Repack Levitates One Handed Control Distance Cooling Consistent Burn Screen-less Easy Loading Clog Proof Self Cleaning smoke with mag blunt now 


  • Sale -22% 2 in 1 Chillum & Dab Straw On sale

    HOTBOXSUPPLIES® 2 in 1 Chillum & Dab Straw

    2 in 1 Chillum and Dab Straw 100% Quartz  Platinum Cured Silicone Cover  Heat Retention: 1500° Nectar one side and Chillum on the other, can be used either or both ways  End cap can be used as a mouth cover so there will be no residue mess Assorted colors.



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