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  • Last stock! Clipper Classic Original Jet Flame Lighter Display On sale

    Clipper Lighter Clipper Classic Original Jet Flame Lighter Display

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    Clipper Classic Original Jet Flame Lighter Displa You see Clipper Lighters around the world. No one is able to resist the fun style and quality construction of a Clipper lighter. Crafted from a super strong nylon material, this lighter is built to last. Each lighter has an integrated poker, 3000 lights from each one, opens bottles and cans with ease! These handy lighters have a high recycled content incorporated in each, can be refilled time and time again saving you money and waste on buying new lighters over and over again. Features: Refillable 48 CT per display Replaceable flint Built-in tool for packing Top of the line safety features A wide variety of patterns and collectible prints  

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  • Sale -53% Afghan Hemp Matchbox On sale

    Afghan Hemp Afghan Hemp Matchbox

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    Afghan Hemp Matchbox This is the all-new Afghan Hemp matchbox, we incorporated matches into this pack of cones so whether you have a lighter or not you are prepared. You can also use the matches as a way to pack your cones. Features a striker strip on the front sliding end of the box. Features 14 King Size Cones 16 Matches Non-GMO Vegan all Organic Rolling papers 10 Matchboxes with Cones in Display Box If you like smoking with Cones, you might love to roll them using a Pre-Roller Cone filling and Storage Machine or, for a big event, you can try our Raw Bamboo Six Shooter

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